Stinson Storms

Up Stinson Storms First Flight Helo Flight Helo NVGs UtahANG UtahANG KC10

We attempted a flight from Stinson (next to Brooks AFB) up to Canyon Lake, but the weather had other plans.  We took off in clear skies with nothing serious forecast, but we quickly realized that the storm clouds were building and blowing our way.  Superior judgment and remarkable aeronautical skills ensured our safe return to Stinson so we'd all have the opportunity to fly to the lake another day (wow, that was thick and deep... can I get a medal or at least extra credit for that line?...)

I've thrown these pictures up because we took plenty of Brooks as we orbited in the pattern four times till the storms hit.

Pre-flight-- Calling his life insurance company...

Briefing the essentials


Storms brewing

He doesn't look concerned...

...but he's does

Whoa... looks like rain

First touch and go...

School House close-up

Greasing it in (I didn't touch down in the over-run :)

Turning final over the cemetery

Why is there always a cemetery on final?

Three Stooges

Big Storm

Plenty O' Rain