First Flight

Up Stinson Storms First Flight Helo Flight Helo NVGs UtahANG UtahANG KC10

Armed with enthusiasm and plenty of Microsoft Flight Simulator experience, this fine young man demonstrated the skills necessary to become an outstanding aviator.  Turns around a point, S's over roads, cross country navigation, and pattern work, were all performed proficiently.  The morning flight was a complete success with the help of some trusty '05 RAMs backing him up.

Keep 'em flying...

Good luck... best wishes

Kelly Field (Lackland)

Ammo Dump


GPS Rules

Where are we?


Steep turns

He's out of control (the new guy that is)

Get a grip on it

Castroville (Stopping in for a soda)

Oh yeah, I can do this

It looks good on me! Right?


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